Memphis Grizzlies: Branding Identity
Memphis, Tennessee; a City known for its hard working tough minded people. The birth place of Martin Luther Jr, Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin. The home of the Blues and Rock & Roll which could be heard all over Beale Street. In 2001, the Vancouver Grizzlies applies to relocate to Memphis. Becoming one of the first franchises in the 4 major sports leagues to play in Memphis. Throughout their tenure in Vancouver and a few seasons in Memphis the Grizzlies had one of the more iconic and creative logos in professional sports.
Having a bear with the amount of detail was not common with sports logos. But as the years went on so did the logo. Going from a proud standout type logo to a muted color schemed bear head. In 2018, Nike officially taking over as the NBA’s main uniform sponsor was a perfect opportunity for the Grizzlies to bring back the logo of yesteryear while giving it a much needed modernization.
For this rebrand I wanted to build off the universally loved Vancouver Grizzlies logo by removing some of the details around the grizzly logo, which allowed the logo to have a more minimalist style. Along with this new minimalist look I want to give the logo a new color palette, by using the original colors and vamping up their saturation & making them clearly visible.
Along with the logo & color refresh, I also wanted to clean up the wordmarks & give the traditional logo and inverted look as well. I thought to myself why should the word Grizzlies be the only prominent wordmark, when Memphis is just as important. By allowing for the word Memphis to show as bold and powerful as the word Grizzlies does I was able to show a clear distinction between what is seen as a home & away uniform.
Finally I wanted create a wordmark that represented Memphis, Tennessee: best known as GRIND CITY. I wanted to make a wordmark similar to the Memphis & Grizzlies one I described above but with it's own unique look so it could stand out from the crowd of wordmarks - make it red & black.
The Grizzlies will dawn four distinct uniforms throughout the year: An association & icon edition uniform which will serve as the teams primary uniforms during home and away games and will feature alternate version the traditional Memphis Grizzlies team logo/wordmark. 
An all black city edition uniform featuring a modern Memphis wordmark across the chest above matching stylized number. Finally an eye catching statement edition uniform which unveils a new Grind City wordmark which expresses the grit & grind that represents the city.
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