Minnesota Twins: Branding Identity
Minnesota; named after the Dakota Sioux word meaning “clear blue water”, known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes and home to two 46ft tall friends named Minnie and Paul. Originating in the state of Washington D.C. (then the Washington Senators), the team relocated in 1961 becoming the Minnesota Twins.
Through the years the Minnesota Twins have had their fair share of historical players & moments. Players like Harmon Killebrew, Kirby Puckett, Torii Hunter & Joe Mauer; to winning three World Series titles - the latest in 1991, defeating the Atlanta Braves. Fast forward to 2010, when the team unveiled their state of the art stadium, Target Field.
As the rules & pace of play for Major League Baseball has evolved over the years, to have the teams and their design in uniforms/logos. Over the years, teams have gone away from the futuristic style uniforms in favor of a more traditional & simplified look.
With that in mind, that's exactly what I wanted to do with my revamp of the Minnesota Twins. By giving the team a clean, simplified and more cohesive uniform/logo branding, along with the addition to a new 'Minnesota' wordmark to match the iconic 'Twins' wordmark the team has has for years now & a refreshed version of the classic Minnie and Paul​​​​​​​ logo.
To keep in line with the clean & simplified look, I didn't want to reinvent the iconic Twins TC monogram logo - rather give it a 3D stylized treatment; allowing it stand out. Followed by an updated version of the circle shield Minnesota Twins Baseball Club logo, replacing the gray accent color with the powder blue color used in the all powder blue throwback alternate.
The logo I did want to give a major overhaul to was the iconic Minnie and Paul logo the Twins have been using for a long time. This new version of this logo will have the duos updated faces separated by the Mississippi River.
Both 'Twins'​​ wordmarks have been updated very minimally, removing the gold/yellow accent color to have a clean two-toned wordmark. Addition to the cleaned up version to these two wordmarks is a new 'Minnesota' wordmark used for the away & navy blue spring training jersey. The wordmark matches the current home 'Twins' wordmark. ​​​​
The Minnesota Twins will dawn a set of four uniforms, a cleaned & simplified home uniform featuring the iconic Twins wordmark across the chest with a navy blue & red billed hat. The new away uniform will feature a newly designed Minnesota wordmark across the chest with an all navy blue cap.
For Sunday day game & special event nights, the Twins will wear a set of two unique uniforms; an all powder blue uniform, similar to the uniform the team wore in the mid 1970's, featuring an all new navy blue hat with a powder blue bill. As well as a new red jersey with the update TC monogram logo on the left chest plate and a red & navy blue billed hat.
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