Washington Warhawks: Branding Identity
Since 1932 the Redskins team name and logo was originally intended to honor and respect Native Americans and their proud culture. The logo was designed after Blackfeet Nation’s Chief Two Funs White Calf. “What he has meant to the Blackfeet was integrity. He was one of our leaders & people looked up to him” said John Murray, Blackfeet Tribal Historic Preservation Officer.
With today’s ever changing mentality, the logo & its meaning has changed; viewed more as a racial slur and a slap in the face of Native Americans, it was time for the team to change its name and leave the Redskins brand in the past. 
By reusing the word red in all these rebrands, it still echoes the word Redskin. I wanted to find a name that could relate our great nation and a name that would directly tie into our military; The Warhawks. “There was a squadron of fighter pilots in World War II named the Warhawks. The men called themselves the “Flying Tigers” but flew planes called Curtiss P-40 Warhawks. During the war, these men were credited with 299 enemy aircraft destroyed, including 229 in the air during the war.
Integrity. Honor. Glory.
Before the 2020 NFL campaign began, the Washington Redskins removed their team name for a more generic & less racial term - Football Team. Along with that came a new font, a more modern font with sharper edges and points the angle to the left, giving the letters the look and feel of speed. Needless to say I loved the look of it, so I kept it made and expanded on it, creating an alphabet for the purpose of using it again with the new team name; Warhawks.
For the logos, I wanted something more traditional, two circle shield logos with the signature W logo & the warhawk logos - designed to honor both the style of symbols made by Native American all throughout history & a subtle nod the men who flew the Curtiss P-40 Warhawks during World War II. The third being a side view of an old style helmet worn in the 1960's with the year the team was first established; 1932.
The jersey numbers are a complete contrast to the wordmark and logo fonts, which are not sharp. I wanted something that would contrast from what the team had always used, I also wanted something that was bolder & didn't require and outline/piping on them.
The Washington Warhawks will dawn three uniforms throughout the season all of three which are interchangeable: A home uniform featuring a richer burgundy color and an away uniform featuring a tan/khaki color as appose to the white color we are use to seeing, featuring a 3 stripe design across the shoulders and pants with the new warhawk logo front and center.
Since the start of 2016 the NFL/Nike began featuring ColorRush style uniforms. With the rebrand, this will continue with the Warhawks wearing an all golden yellow uniform with a solid single burgundy stripe & warhawk logo on the shoulders and pants.
Capped off with new helmet which will have each players numbers on either side of the helmet with a custom half 3 stripe design on the back of the helmet that stops halfway and shoots out giving the appearance of a jet plane thruster firing off.
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