Fish on the Farm: Logo Rebranding
In the summer of 2021, I was given the opportunity to design and rebrand the overall look for the Fish on the Farm brand and the logo for their podcast, 'Swimming Upstream'. Fish on the Farm is a local website/podcast dedicated to covering all the Miami Marlins minor league affiliates and it's players. Visit their website to catch up on the latest news and stories:
After the Miami Marlins most recent rebranding in 2019, the Fish on the Farm crew felt it was time to spruce up the logos and wordmarks. With that in mind I began my process of thinking, sketching and trying to find the best way to bring Billy the Marlin to life in a cartoon, less mascot looking way.​​​​​​​
With the style in mind I was able create this unique Billy the Marlin style logo with Billy holding a baseball bat and wearing an all black baseball hat - similar to the style the actual team wears. I was able to incorporate the current Miami Marlins colors, which brings the entire look together. And for all my Florida Marlins fans reading this, I was able to bring classic Billy the Florida Marlin to life with the original teal & gray colors.
The wordmark I knew needed to be eye catching, and a style that most Marlins fans would resonate with. The first thing that came to mind was the Marlins City Connect Sugar Kings jerseys. Jerseys that were designed as a way to represent the not only the large Cuban population that makes up a large portion of Miami, but also the rich and vibrant colors Miami is known for. I knew instantly that's the style I wanted to go with.
I enlisted the help of Alejandro due to his sparkling reputation for creativity. I gave him a broad overview of what I wanted the design to look like and let him take it from there. He did not disappoint and came through with an absolutely perfect rebrand that will supremely enhance the marketability of our brand. An amazing talent.  -  Alex Carver, Fish on the Farm.
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