Hispanic Heritage Month: Campaign Concept
Baseball, a sport ingrained in Latin American culture, pulsates a vibrant energy coursing through the veins of players, coaches, and devoted fans alike. Its legacy intertwines the shaping of heroes and memories that resonate across generations.
In 2016, Major League Baseball (MLB) launched the groundbreaking 'Somos MLB' and 'Ponle Acento' initiatives, starting a new era of recognition for the profound impact of Latino players on the league. This visionary campaign empowered teams to pay homage to these incredible players throughout history.
Inspired by this heritage and propelled by a shared vision of inclusivity, I envision expanding upon the 'Somos MLB' and 'Ponle Acento' campaigns. By crafting a distinctive new logo and designing bespoke Hispanic-themed jerseys for each MLB club, these uniforms would serve as vibrant symbols of unity and Latin culture, fostering a deeper connection between teams, players, and fans while honoring the indelible legacy of Latin American baseball heroes.
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