Hispanic Heritage Month
Béisbol, a game rooted deep in the veins of players, coaches, fans and anyone from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela & almost all of Latin America. In 2016, MLB introduced the 'Somos MLB' & 'Ponle Acento' campaign allowing its clubs to honor & celebrate with an array of special programming and content focused on celebrating the contributions of Latino players past and present in baseball. Major League Baseball has always had a group of great Latin players, and it's bringing a whole new crop of players including Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acuña Jr. and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. who have taken the baseball world by storm. With that in mind, I wanted to further the current 'Somos MLB' and 'Ponle Acento' campaign by designing a new logo & giving each major league club their own Hispanic themed jersey to continue honoring their Latino players past and present.
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